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WARRANTY (Revised 12/12/2012)

Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp offers a 30-day limited bumper-to-bumper manufacturer’s warranty on all mopeds, scooters and accessories on all models that are purchased from an authorized dealer and up to One year on certain listed parts. Original purchase receipt required.

Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp will NOT offer any warranty on any products purchased from second hand sellers, non-authorized Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp Dealers, products purchased used, or products that are purchased via outlet centers. Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp will offer free lifetime technical support access on these products & if parts are needed, those parts may be purchased at retail price from Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp.

The warranty starts the day the scooter is delivered to you. This warranty covers factory defects and defaults only. We do not cover normal wear and tear, alterations, modifications, neglect, abuse or misuse or broken parts caused by the user or by any other event. Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp will replace any manufacturer's part free of charge at our place of business if there is evidence of defect or default. If shipping is required, shipping cost must be paid by customer.

Selected 60 days warranty Parts include:

"Frame"," Controller", "Motor"


Batteries:  All batteries included in the purchase of your vehicle are covered by a 60 days warranty.

If any battery should become faulty within the specified warranty period we will replace the battery free of charge. Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp requires that defective batteries be returned to us for exchange. Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp does not pay the shipping fee's to return the batteries to us however we will pay to ship the replacement batteries back to you.

24 HOUR RETURN POLICY (Satisfaction Guarantee)

If during the first 24 hours after your purchase you choose to return merchandise purchased from Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp for a replacement/exchange or refund, please review the terms and conditions below.

Return Terms and Conditions

Customer is responsible for returning merchandise at their own expense. If the vehicle was shipped to you shipping will not be refunded even if it was included in the original purchase price of the product.

Merchandise must be returned in "as new", re-sellable condition. Merchandise is not eligible for refund if it has been scratched, dented, abused or damaged in any way. Merchandise must be returned complete with any warranty cards, manuals, accessories, promotional items, etc. in their original packing.

Shipping charges are non-refundable.
All new units will be charged the 15% restocking fee.
Customer is responsible for returning merchandise at their own expense.

At the discretion of Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp, vehicle returns which do not follow the above guidelines may be refused.

Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp is not responsible for the proper or improper use of merchandise sold. We care about our customers and urge you to exercise caution and take necessary safety measures to protect yourself while engaging in cycling. Voltage Electric Vehicles Corp encourages, begs, and asks that you wear a helmet and use appropriate lighting while riding at night regardless of the legal requirements in your particular state. Potential customers, you should check with your local law enforcement agency before purchasing about age requirements for riding electric bikes and electric mopeds. Some states may have laws restricting the use of these items on public streets, generally all states allow them on private property such as campgrounds, parks etc... but many states have age requirements and most states require helmets and protective equipment to be worn. Please always scoot safely. Know your laws before you go scooting. We will not take back a scooter because you find out that your child cannot ride it. Check first!

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